Athlete Quotes

Athletes know a thing or two about what it means to compete, and to bring out the best possible version of yourself. The best part is that much of what they say about their respective game can be applied to life, work, and business, so there’s plenty to learn.

Next time you need to be inspired, motivated or just need a boost. Take a look at these wise words from Michael Jordan.

24 Michael Jordan Quotes on Everything

There will never be another MJ, and he’s got the positive and no-nonsense mentality that is needed in many life, business, and sports situations. It’s no wonder that he’s one of the world’s first billionaire athletes with quotes like these.

He stung like a bee in the ring and in the public eye. Float like a butterfly through this list and you’ll find some of the greatest words from the boxer we all loved dearly.

23 Famous Muhammad Ali Quotes

He might’ve been the greatest in the ring. He was the greatest outside the ring. This collection of quotes from Muhammad Ali paints a portrait of a man that was loved by millions. You might discover just why he will be remembered fondly forever.