28 Beautiful Quotes on Seeing Each Other as Equals and Embracing Our Differences

These quotes on equality will make you realize that just because someone is different than you, does not mean they want anything different out of life. We are all chasing happiness and purpose. And in the end, we should be equal and embrace all of our differences, instead of punishing people for them.

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Breakups are hard at any age in life. They never get easier, we just learn to deal with them better as we get older. These breakup quotes will let you know that everything will be ok in the end. It will hurt at the beginning, but you will be stronger because of it.

50 Quotes to Help You Heal from a Bad Breakup

Many people in history have talked about how to deal with breakups. There are different outlooks and even people who enjoyed going through them because of the lessons they learned. These quotes range from strong, independent people who are happy by themselves to people who found what true love really means after a breakup.

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Quotes for your brother, brothers, or brother(s) from another mother(s).

19 Funny Quotes All Brothers Can Relate To

This list with funny brother quotes will hit on everything you went through growing up with one or multiple brothers. Brothers can be crazy and out of control at times, but we love them anyway. These quotes range from personal stories to how people become true brothers.

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Are you a batman fanatic? Check out some of his most famous quotes!

Holy Wisdom, Batman!: 24 Most Famous Batman Quotes

The Batman franchise, which contains comics, movies and paraphernalia, is one of the largest franchises in the entertainment industry. These Batman quotes range from quotes from the Dark Knight himself, to his trusted butler Alfred Pennyworth.

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Get in harmony with the Tao. Confucius says many things. These are the most famous of all the analects. Why read all that ancient literature when you can just get the Cliffs notes right here?

34 Most Famous Confucius Quotes

Confucius is a deity in traditional Taoism (or Daoism for you Westerners). Why is this guy so immortalized anyway? Well, it turns out he had more than just a few titbits of wisdom. The guy was a walking embodiment of enlightenment and living in the moment. Buckle up. You’re about to get your yin and… Continue Reading

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Get inspired daily with these motivational, uplifting and inspirational quotes!

30 Daily Inspirational Quotes to Start Your Day

If you have found yourself stuck in a rut wondering what you are really doing every day, then check out some of these uplifting quotes to start your day. These quotes will bring a new meaning to every day and make you realize that every day is equally important.

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These quotes are the cutest! Love this list.

105 Cute Quotes on Everything

These quotes cover a wide variety of topics from life and love, to fashion and style. Cute quotes can be uplifting and funny and bring cheer to a tough day. The authors are poets, writers, painters and actors/actresses.

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Relationship quotes to help you heal, repair, and let go.

21 Quotes on How to Fix a Broken Relationship

1. Shannon Alder Believes Love is not Complicated “Either, you are in love with someone or you’re not. Fear is complicated, not love.” – Shannon Alder Knowing that you are in love with someone should be easy, not complicated. If you feel that you are not in love with someone, you need to let him… Continue Reading

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Positive quotes that will show you how to stay happy and fulfilled by using positivity.

52 Quotes on Why It Is Important to Stay Positive

There are so many benefits of being positive. It lowers heart rate and blood pressure, brings a level of peace, and it can actually help you create what you want in your life. What we think about we bring about, so remain positive as much as you can to bring about positive changes.

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These deep and meaningful quotes on life outs things into perspective…

29 Deep and Meaningful Quotes on Life

These quotes will help to give you an even greater sense of the meaning of life. Everybody has a different definition of life. Some people value work over fun and some the opposite. Whatever type of life you prefer, there are life quotes in this list that will speak to you.

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