45 Cute and Heartwarming Love Quotes for Him and Her

1. Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. 2. I may not be with you at all times, but I want you to know that you are never out of my heart. I love you! 3. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in… Continue Reading

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10 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes on Hope, Love and Freedom

Freedom must ring from every mountainside. And yes, let it ring from the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado. Let it ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. Let it ring from the mighty Alleghenies of Pennsylvania. Let it ring from the curvaceous slopes of California. But not only that, from every mountainside, let freedom ring…. Continue Reading

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best harry potter quotes

36 Inspirational Harry Potter Quotes for a Braver You

So many wise, hilarious and inspirational quotes were written in the Harry Potter books and spoken on film. And while fans appreciated the wise and usually very humorous words spoken by J.K. Rowling’s magical characters, it is the fact that they were so relatable and applicable to our own lives that captured our minds and hearts. So if you are ready to get taken back to that magical world you love, pick up your wand, give it flick and say with authority ‘Accio Harry Potter quotes!’

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A beautiful list of inspirational quotes the world needs. Stay positive, stay inspired!

45 Inspirational Quotes That The World Needs Right Now

We are all a part of the human race and we must all protect and help each other. These inspirational quotes tell the people of the world what they need to hear. They range from positive changes to the key to living a harmonious life. The world can be a tough place, but it does… Continue Reading

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This is one of my favorite short lists of inspirational quotes! Perfect remedy after a tough day at work.

14 Inspirational Quotes for When Work Sucks

We all know that it would be more fun to spend our waking hours doing recreational things, but the truth of life is that to survive we must work. When you’re having a rough day at work and you find you’re low on motivation, then find a quote or two here to help inspire you… Continue Reading

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Check out these smart teamwork quotes to understand the value in working with others.

69 Quotes that Teach Synergy and Teamwork

These synergy and teamwork quotes are filled with great advice and comparisons. They will range from teamwork compared to an avalanche to a quote by the greatest basketball player to have ever lived. If you are looking for inspiration to start a team, look no further.

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Learn about karma and how it can shape our life with these insightful karma quotes.

60 Popular Sayings and Quotes About Karma

Karma is a word that is thrown around a lot. It means that whatever you do will come back to you at some point. If you are a good person, good things will happen. If you are a bad person, bad things will happen. Let’s see what some people around the world have said about… Continue Reading

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Check out this list cute list of dog quotes and why our four-legged friends are the greatest creatures on earth!

35 Quotes On Why Dogs are the Greatest Creatures on Earth

Dogs are perhaps the most widely owned pets in the world. Dogs are famous for their carefree spirit and unconditional love. They can cheer us up when we are feeling down and give us a laugh when we need one.

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Check out these good life quotes if you need advice on everyday situations and life in general!

32 Good Quotes to Remember About Life

Life can be very simple or it can be extremely complicated. Life will throw you in every different direction. We are all searching for our happy endings and in life and these good quotes about life can make you realize that you are only given one life, so live it to the fullest.

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Love Oscar Wilde! Here are some of his best quotes.

20 Famous Oscar Wilde Quotes on Everything

Oscar Wilde was one of London’s most popular playwrights in the early 1890’s. Warmly regarded for his excellent elocution, sharp writing style and charismatic wit, Wilde is still as popular as ever today amongst academics and students alike. We’ve listed some of Wilde’s finest quotes here for readers to get a taste of one of… Continue Reading

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