Life Quotes

Life is a funny thing, and much has been said about it. These life quotes will give you a fresh perspective, enlighten, inform, warn, and otherwise opine about life and all its many trappings.

Love this inspiring and uplifting list of the best quotes about life! They are all so beautiful and hand lettered. Make sure to save this!

55 Most Famous Quotes About Life

Here are some of the most famous quotes about life. You might not agree with all of them, but they’re worth reading and pondering on. Spoken or written by some of the most influential people in history all the way through to today.

Here are 32 hilarious life quotes that will put a smile on your face and force a chuckle. A good laugh is always a great way to relieve stress during the day!

32 Funny Life Quotes That Will Make You ROFL

Ready to laugh about life? Take a look at these funny life quotes that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Well, they might not cause you to actually roll on the floor, but you get the idea. Really funny quotes all about life.

This is an awesome list of family quotes and a lesson in why you should never take anyone for granted! There are also beautiful images for every quote. Love it!

99 Heartwarming Quotes on Family

Family first! These heartwarming quotes will go a long way in keeping things on an even keel with your family. Face it, things aren’t always going to go smoothly with family dynamics in place, but these quotes will bring you back to that warm fuzzy center.

13 Quotes and Important Life Lessons from Shel Silverstein- I love me some Shel!

13 Important Life Lessons from Shel Silverstein

Take a tip from Shel with these awesome life quotes. He had a knack for putting big ideas into perfectly crafted sentences. Take a few minutes today and indulge in his literary prowess and walk away with a new look on life.