Inspirational Quotes

These inspirational quotes are sometimes all that’s needed to fill you with hope and send you on your way to a great day. Spoken or written by some of the brightest and best minds, they’ll put you on the path headed in the direction you want to go.

These inspirational quotes are so important for all women to hear! Repin and share with all your friends, family and daughters.

33 Inspirational Quotes for Women – Empowering and Inspiring

These inspirational quotes for women, from women, will help to light a fire that will burn brightly for years to come.

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best harry potter quotes

36 Inspirational Harry Potter Quotes for a Braver You

So many wise, hilarious and inspirational quotes were written in the Harry Potter books and spoken on film. And while fans appreciated the wise and usually very humorous words spoken by J.K. Rowling’s magical characters, it is the fact that they were so relatable and applicable to our own lives that captured our minds and hearts. So if you are ready to get taken back to that magical world you love, pick up your wand, give it flick and say with authority ‘Accio Harry Potter quotes!’

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A beautiful list of inspirational quotes the world needs. Stay positive, stay inspired!

45 Inspirational Quotes That The World Needs Right Now

We are all a part of the human race and we must all protect and help each other. These inspirational quotes tell the people of the world what they need to hear. They range from positive changes to the key to living a harmonious life. The world can be a tough place, but it does… Continue Reading

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This is one of my favorite short lists of inspirational quotes! Perfect remedy after a tough day at work.

14 Inspirational Quotes for When Work Sucks

We all know that it would be more fun to spend our waking hours doing recreational things, but the truth of life is that to survive we must work. When you’re having a rough day at work and you find you’re low on motivation, then find a quote or two here to help inspire you… Continue Reading

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